Importance of Father in Children's Life

Importance of Father in Children's Life

When we look at the lives of children, researches also mention the importance of the mother and the necessity of the mother in the child's life, the father is almost a forgotten man, whereas every child comes to the world with a father and the father is an important figure for the child at least as much as the mother. Again, the role assigned to the father throughout history is the figure of a person who fights for his children, a little scary, distant, unrelated but protecting them.


The more warm, loving, compassionate the mother is, the more fear, distance and indifference and conflict the father is combined with and kept away from the children, whereas the father is the basis of family sharing, trust and love for the child, although some fathers have adopted this role, in the developed society, most fathers get rid of this role. is working.


In fact, everything that fathers can do in the care process of children is equal to mothers, but some fathers stay away from this area because they do not know how to do it a little, because nobody shows them, and they are happy to be kept away from this task, whereas in this case, only children lose, because the importance of the father in the development of a child As an undeniable and extremely important figure, the father is absolutely necessary at every stage of the child's developmental stages.


Father is an important figure in the lives of both boys and girls, but it varies in meaning, for boys the father is an identification figure, not only sexual identity is important as a part of development, of course, he makes sexual identity by identifying with his father, but apart from that, the boy makes the world He sees with his father's eyes, tries to shave like him, walk like him, act like him, act like him, and if his father taught him what a man does, that child's perspective on the world and being a man will develop in that way. when he fails to achieve these, he will feel unsuccessful and powerless,The father's attitude towards the child, being distant or close, and his sharing and attitude towards him cause the child to perceive the father as a friend, guide or rival.


Thus, the boy's life is built on getting his father to like him, fulfilling his father's wishes, being the person his father wants or surpassing his father. will determine the basis of the son's relationship with the father, especially with the father.


The relationship between daughters and fathers, on the other hand, is defined as non-sexual love in its simplest form, although fathers always fear that this love will be taken by another man, this love actually lasts a lifetime and never ends.


The father figure enables the girl to shape the man she will marry in her mind, so when little girls grow up, they say they will marry my father. They dream of a man who can fulfill his wishes, who protects him with a strong force like their father, because the male model they see is the father model they see.

For the girl, the father is not only love but also trust, this trust is not only the confidence that he will protect himself, it is the self-confidence of the girl. As an individual formed by her father's attitude, the basis of her self-confidence is again how it is reflected in that attitude.


A father's relationship with his daughter will be defined by love, the way he calls her, his expectations from her, the place where he puts himself as a woman in the girl child, the place he puts himself as a woman, his self-respect and the reason for being an individual for himself. Also, fathers will define the boy in their eyes as the first man in the girls' life, thus in the future. The girl will have determined where to put the definition of male as good, bad, positive or negative, therefore, a father's attitude that supports the child's self, men and women to exist, to stand on his own feet, will enable his forty children to stand on their own feet in the future, and to achieve something on their own. It is an attitude that enables her to be a self-confident and self-loving woman.


Daughters who do not have a father or who do not have a good relationship with their father even though they do not have a close and supportive attitude, develop distrust towards themselves and the environment in the future, so the father's precaution in raising a daughter can be observed in their later lives.


Again, in the studies, the absence of the mother was studied more and the absence of the father was not given much importance, the environmental condition, socially, and the absence of the father was evaluated more in terms of care, whereas the loss of the father is very important in a child's life and leaves significant effects on the child's development.


For both girls and boys, the absence of a father removes identification, the boy will not be a man with whom he will identify, and the girl will be deprived of a figure that will determine her femininity in the future, or that will determine her femininity, her social image, and perhaps her relationships.


Children want to resemble their parents of their own sex in development, but on the other hand, they attach great importance to the friendship and love of their parents of the opposite sex, and again, boys and girls prefer to share their problems and troubles with their fathers, especially in social matters.


The absence of a father is not only due to the loss of the father or not being with him, but sometimes staying away from father and father even though they are in the same house, being cold, being only a discipline figure, not having a relationship with children will make both girls and boys experience the absence of a father, and as a result, it will have significant effects on their development. .


The father is a very important figure in the life of the child, whether it is a girl or a boy, today the changing father figure is on the way to being a father figure who can do everything related to the care of the child, share it with them, establish intimacy with them in every way, except breastfeeding. They can take an important step both in their development and in the development of their children, and children whose fathers are far away or who cannot establish this relationship try to fill this gap with other things, usually the things that are closed are not very good things, therefore many illegal or negative Everything is called a father, so he can be a father, take part in a child's life as a father, and it is very important to maintain this fatherhood properly.

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