How Do I Lose and Lose Weight? (Intermittent Fasting Diet)

How Do I Lose and Lose Weight? (Intermittent Fasting Diet)

My Cooking Moms. When my diet started to bear fruit and my belly button, the only area of ​​my established weight, started to give way to a flat stomach, and this did not escape your notice, I felt the need to talk about my diet. I will write this sentence once in a while in my article. Please do not start a diet that you are not familiar with without consulting your doctor or dietitian. I will only describe my experiences and experiences in a conversational manner.

Intermittent Fasting (Intermittent Fasting) Diet

That diet, this diet, that diet... Dozens of popular diets have come and gone, maybe. This is not a diet for me. This is an old-timey lifestyle based on meal timing. You do not need to go through such radical changes in your eating habits. If dried beans and rice are cooking in your home, it can still continue to be cooked. You don't need to count what you eat bite by bite. There is no "I'm going to diet, let me fill my shopping cart with oats, chia seeds, I don't know what kind of tropical fruit". The most reasonable and feasible diet I've ever done in my life. " Intermittent Fasting " or " Intermittent Fasting ""When I first read this diet, it made a lot of sense to me, I said, this should be my lifestyle. So I had the motivation and mindset part in my pocket. Please make sure that you are fully motivated first, no matter what diet you start. Don't beat your body by leaving one.

Then, of course, this recommendation was approved by my dietitian. Please but PLEASE don't abuse your body by following hearsay diets. I warn you to consult your doctor or dietitian, and I would like to explain this intermittent fasting diet as I apply it myself.

Can Breastfeeding Moms Do the IF Diet?

I defined a trial period for myself to see if it will reduce milk. (Of course under the supervision of an expert) You can try it for a short time. If you drink plenty of water, keep the feeding window a little wider, and support it with a healthy diet, the possibility of decrease in milk will decrease. But of course, if you continue with an expert, it will be much healthier.

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There are many variations of this intermittent fasting diet. You can do some research on the internet. You will find the 5/2 version and the 16/8 version. You eat 3 meals a day for 5/2, 5 days. You have two days of intermittent fasting. It seems to me that it is more suitable for weight maintenance. That's why I haven't tried it yet. I can try it when I reach my target weight. The other version is 16/8. So that's the version I'm using.

Well, I will talk about how I integrated this diet into my own life.

I have an eating window during the day on this diet. 8 hour feeding window, 16 hours not feeding. (Water, plain soda, unsweetened tea, unsweetened milk-free black coffee do not break the hunger). You can position those 8 hours during the day according to your lifestyle. In general, we can say that you should skip breakfast or dinner.

This is how I placed the diet in my life. I skip breakfast. While I feed everyone breakfast, I sip my light tea or cinnamon water. I start by eating breakfast if I am at home at 12 noon and lunch if I am at work. I close my eating window with a light snack ( yogurt, ayran, 1 portion of fruit or 1 handful of nuts ) and dinner at 8 o'clock in the evening. Thus, I was acquainted with the benefits of hunger for my body by fasting for 16 hours.

how to lose weight with if diet

Don't say it's okay without breakfast. Just as it is in Ramadan, it is also in this diet. It's very nice. You feel very clearly that that hunger is training you, that fat is melting and you are getting lighter. (But I will be reminded again. Not every body can handle 16 hours of hunger. Especially those with systematic disorders should diet under the control of a doctor and dietitian.)

I am also happy that I am losing weight without affecting my milk. My milk is fine, probably because I drink lots of water, cinnamon stick water, linden, fennel, soda during the hunger window. Moreover, I said goodbye to my stomach scrapings after night feedings. 

Unlike many diets where foods such as fat, sugar or carbohydrates are completely prohibited, and strange foods such as chia and quinoa are pushed into our lives, all kinds of teas, strange cures, you do not have to eat any food in intermittent fasting, and likewise, no food is strictly prohibited. . So you don't need to make radical changes in your nutritional fluids. Therefore, it is a very sustainable diet. Moreover, it is the serious enemy of established kilos. 

I seem to hear the question of whether you're ever getting away with it. Of course it does, we're human. We are social beings. For example, a friend of mine has a birthday party at 20:00 and we're going to eat cake. Without exaggeration, I take a thin slice and increase the hunger from 16 hours to 18 hours the next day and tolerate it. Or trying to put in an extra physical activity for the next day. For example, half an hour of walking, half an hour of dancing, half an hour of pilates, cycling can be these activities. That way, little escapades don't interrupt my diet.

Finally, I would like to talk about certain benefits of intermittent fasting for our body.

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Numerous studies have shown that intermittent fasting has many benefits on the metabolism of living things.

Reducing oxidative stress:  By reducing free oxygen radicals in your fasting cells, it prevents the destruction of proteins, fats and nucleic acids of the cell during diseases and aging.

Increasing insulin sensitivity and mitochondrial energy efficiency:  Hunger prevents insulin resistance in chronic diseases, metabolic syndrome and aging process and energy reduction in mitochondria, which are the power plants of our body; prevents diabetes, slows down aging.

Increasing resistance to stress, disease and aging:  Hunger makes genes that protect against stress, disease and aging work better.

It normalizes the hunger hormone gherlin and the satiety hormone leptin.

In the light of all this information, when it comes to my target weight, I plan to switch to the 5/2 system and protect it. Determine the diet that is suitable for you with your dietitian and follow it to the letter. Please consider your weight. Do not increase the possibility of getting all systematic and chronic diseases with your excess weight. Of course, getting in shape and looking beautiful is very nice, but our first goal should be to live a healthy body.

You can watch my Intermittent Fasting Diet Youtube video below, in which I explain how I became a size 34 despite 3 cesarean births.

Top Questions About My IF Diet

"How Long, How Much Weight Did You Lose?"

After marriage, I fell to my ideal weight of 58, 72 kilos easily in 8 months. However, that 5 kilos went very hard in 10 months until I dropped from my 53 kilos to 58 kilos before marriage.

"Did you do sports?"

I tried to do it but unfortunately not regularly. The leading role in my weight loss is nutrition, never sports. I can say this clearly.

"How To Get A Belly With Excess Weight?"

In my opinion, all excesses should go away first, and then they should be supported with sports. In this process, the use of corsets is also very effective. But some abdominal movements can damage the abdominal muscles of mothers who have given birth. Because most mothers have separated abdominals (See Diastasis Recti), I have it too. Unconscious abdominal movements can further damage the separated abdominals during pregnancy. For example, sit-ups damage the abdominals. You have to be careful. You can write movements for diastasis recti on Youtube and try those special movements.

"How Much Are My Meal Amounts on the IF Diet?"

In the first months, I ate until I was full, but in the form of limited carbohydrates and plenty of vegetables. Then when the weight loss started to decrease, I became even more careful, sometimes I got up before I was full. Quantities are not essential in this diet. You can fill your stomach without exaggerating bread, rice and dessert, without sabotaging the diet. As the diet progresses, some details take shape.

"I applied the diet too, but I couldn't lose weight in 15 days, what should I do?"

1- You may have sabotaged the diet by saying, "Everything is free, I keep to the clock, but I eat everything."

2- Your body may have a different metabolic condition such as insulin resistance .

Those are the two possibilities that come to mind. Review what you eat. Have you been eating too many carbohydrates? You can try to add movement to your life. 

By the way, 15 days is too early to say I can't lose weight. I recommend you try it for at least 1.5 - 2 months. Or you can get support from an expert.

"Did You Sag While Losing Weight?"

I have a little in my belly. I didn't do anything, I wish I could do sports regularly. Like sports, the use of corsets is also very effective. But I don't really believe in creams for sagging.

"Did You Lose Weight With Diet Only, Without Exercise or Walking?"

My sport was very irregular and inadequate until I lost 14 kilos in 8 months in the first batch. So I can say that it did not contribute to the process. But when I got to 58 kilos, I was stuck at this number and I couldn't lose weight. That's when I started jogging regularly for 1-2 weeks. I lost my last 5 kilos thanks to sports. I only did it regularly for 1-2 weeks. Afterwards, it is an sporadic sport once again. As I always say, the leading role in my process has always been nutrition, not sports.

"Are You Doing the 16/8 Feeding Every Day or Certain Days to Surprise the Body?"

I do it every day, it is necessary to play with food, physical activity to surprise the body. Confusing the body by playing with clocks can be like this: 

You can feed from 12:00 noon to 20:00 in the evening for 3 months . The next 3 months can be done between 09:00 in the morning and 17:00 in the evening . But one day it's like that, the next day it shouldn't be.

"Do You Eat Fruit After 8 PM?"

In the evening, my feeding window is over. I'm entering my window of hunger. Any type of fruit breaks the hunger window. Of course I don't eat.

"How Much Weight Did You Lose in the First Month and Second Month of Your Intermittent Fasting Diet?"

Although I don't remember very clearly, I think I lost 4-5 kilos in the first month. He was losing 1 kilo a week. But this weight loss slows down and stops somewhere. You need to continue with determination.

"How Long Should I Do Intermittent Fasting?"

As soon as you lose the weight and if you switch to a completely appetite-oriented diet, the weight will come back. After losing weight, a protection period of at least 1 year should be done. Then gradually the feeding window can be opened or the 5:2 system can be switched. In other words, intermittent fasting 5 days a week, 2 days free.

With love...

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