Homemade Dishwasher Liquid

Homemade Dishwasher Liquid

We carefully select foods, cook and serve them with the right methods so that our babies can have a healthy diet. Food additives, preservatives etc. We are very careful not to. Great so far. So, how much can we purify the materials we use while cooking and feeding them from detergent?

According to a study, 0.199 – 0.663 mg./lt. in ready-to-use clean plates collected from various houses, cafeterias and restaurants. detergent detected. Again in this study, in order to remove the detergent from the dishes washed with 1% detergent water, 4-8 lt. water must be used. This means that the dishes should be rinsed approximately 6 times. An average of 75 mg per day into our body from dishes that have not been washed with detergent, not rinsed well or wiped. detergent is taken, for babies it can be up to 250 mg, and doses above 35 mg per day are strong enough to cause serious harm to humans.


Let's come to my dishwasher detergent recipe, which I use every day and can be seen in this image:

          -2 scoops of Lemon Salt

          -1 scoop of Washing Soda  (available in the markets)

          -1 scoop of Carbonate


For example; Take the measure in a tea glass, in the first place, you will have obtained a detergent in the amount of half a kilo to one kilo. The amount of detergent to be used for each wash is 1 tablespoon. When you see how well it cleans, how cheap it is and how healthy you are, we give up on this formula.

You will not be able to pass.

I also use lemon peels for in-machine essence. We never throw away the lemons that we cut from the core and squeeze the juice for salads. Remove the fibers of the squeezed lemon as much as you can, you can get help from a teaspoon. And we attach the glasses to the part where you put them, as you can see in the image a few parts. You can replace these lemon peels about once every 10 days.

You can also use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar for bleach before starting the machine.

Start this healthy and conservative business as soon as possible and stay away from chemicals as much as possible.

With love...


EDIT: This formula may cause some darkening on cutlery. I didn't do it either, but I had followers who did, for your information.

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