If pudding is prepared at home with the right cereal products, without refined sugar, without cooking molasses, without additives and fresh, it will not compromise on being a healthy meal for babies. With this logic, which I will explain to prepare the pudding meal that meets the daily carbohydrate needs of babies for their growth, you can produce dozens of recipes according to your baby's needs and taste.


1) RICE BASE WITH RICE: Cook 2 tablespoons of rice by boiling it in 1.5 cups of water and prepare the base of the pudding by passing it through a strainer (or with a fork/blender) and adding as much water as necessary.

2) Custard BASE WITH RICE, OATS, WHOLE WHEAT, NUTS WHEAT FLOURS AND BABY semolina: Add 1 teaspoon of flour/flour mixture (you can choose just one type of flour or you can mix any flour you want.) Mix it with 1 tea glass of water in your small saucepan and cook until it reaches the consistency of custard. You can increase this specified flour/water ratio in a similar proportion according to the amount your baby can eat.


If some of us have cooked the pudding, it's time to enrich it. You can make dozens of different puddings according to your baby's eating skills and palate by choosing the one you want from the 5 items below.


2) MILK FORMULA: If you are using formula milk, you can add half a scoop of powdered food in a dry form by making the custard slightly watery and after the custard base is warmed up.

3) Cinnamon Powder: One flick

4) CAROB EXTRACT AND MOLASSES: Clean crops are a source of healing, as long as the production and quantity are adjusted with the right technique, it gives flavor to pudding and helps to increase appetite. You can add custard on top of it. What you need to be careful about here is not to cook the molasses. Molasses should be added when the pudding is warm.

5) BABY BISCUIT: Without adding the Chef Anne Bebe Biscuit directly to the mixture, crush it with a fork on the plate to make a powder and add it to the puddings to add taste, texture, nutrition and flavor.

6) BUTTER: You can add 1 teaspoon of butter or 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to the custard immediately after the custard base is cooked, especially if you think that your baby will be at risk of constipation by eating custard.

NOTE: You can increase or decrease the amount of water in pudding for the ideal consistency according to your baby.

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