Glucose syrup

Glucose syrup

I'm a mother too, I know what it's like to try to get your baby healthy while dealing with a baby or even babies at home, along with tons of housework piled up on it. What's more, if you do, it won't stick, it will be hard, it will not be cooked, it will not be tasty etc...

We are here so that when you go out to the park, thinking that the recipe is wrong or maybe I failed, you don't have to buy those ready-packed snacks, those ready-made crackers, those ready-made baby biscuits, and you don't need them. Considering the glucose syrup content of even ready-made pretzel crackers, which I heard from the mouths of mothers, which seems like the simplest harmless research, there is almost no product that does not contain glucose syrup in packaged foods. Please let's get into the habit of reading labels in our grocery shopping.

Let's come to the disease of glucose syrup, which enters our lives like poison... Glucose is a type of sugar found in many fruits, and fructose is a type of sugar found in tree fruits and root vegetables such as potatoes, beets and onions. When we take these sugars from the natural foods they are found in, our health is not adversely affected. However, there are numerous studies proving the negative effects of glucose and fructose syrups, which we encounter in ready-made foods, on our health. Glucose-fructose syrup, also known as corn syrup, is a type of sugar obtained by mixing glucose and fructose sugars. The reason why it is known as corn syrup is that glucose and fructose syrups are obtained from corn as a result of various processes.

In addition to being a strong sweetener, it is stated that it is also used to minimize the formation of ice crystals in frozen foods, extend the shelf life and maintain the moisture balance. It is widely used in beverages, cakes, biscuits, mayonnaise and salad dressings, brine, bakery and dairy products. With the negative effects of high fructose glucose syrups on blood sugar, our body becomes more prone to obesity and diabetes. The reason for this is explained by the fact that glucose syrup inhibits the secretion of the hormone called leptin, which is secreted in the body and enables fat burning. This desensitizes the hormone sensors.


This desensitizes the hormone sensors and you feel hungry because the body, which constantly secretes insulin, stores the food constantly, and you continue to eat because you cannot feel full. 

In order not to introduce glucose and fructose syrup into your body, what we can do is by examining the ingredients of the foods you take, G37 - Glucose Syrup (DE-37), G40 - Glucose Syrup (DE-40), G58 - Glucose Syrup (DE-60), G95 - Glucose You should prefer to avoid products containing additives that go by the names or codes of Syrup (DE min 97), M50 - High Maltose Syrup, M38 - Maltose Syrup, F85 - Fructose Syrup, High Fructose Glucose Syrup. This is extremely important for the health of both you and your baby, my mothers. 

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