Fermentation of Yogurt with Follow-Up Milk or Formula Milk

Fermentation of Yogurt with Follow-Up Milk or Formula Milk

As the mother of a baby with cow's milk allergy, I first tried fermenting yogurt with goat's milk. She was allergic too. I thought of fermenting yoghurt with goat's milk-based formula milk. I fermented it and kept it, moreover, this yogurt did not cause allergies. 

If your baby is allergic to cow's milk, you can try this yoghurt recipe with a formula milk that you have not found to be allergic before.


1)  If you have decided to make yogurt from formula milk, you should get a yogurt maker. Otherwise, yogurt is a little hard to hold.

2)  After the fermentation process of the yogurt is finished, put the yogurt in the refrigerator and feed it to your baby after 10 hours. This period must pass for the beneficial organisms in yogurt to become active.

3)  Doctors may find it appropriate to ferment yogurt from milk-allergic formula milk for some milk-allergic babies. Consult your doctor when choosing yeast. Because the process of each allergic baby progresses differently. We, in the allergy process of Barlas, took yeast from the first batch of yoghurt made by fermenting goat milk-based formula milk with normal cow yoghurt and fed the second batch. Please proceed by consulting your doctor.

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