Hungry-Feed-Travelling package

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Eat Hungry Travel Package (6+MONTH)

Plain Custard - 180 G

Pear Baby Custard - 180 G

Apple-Banana Puree - 170 G

Mixed Vegetable Puree - 170 G

Carrot Puree - 170 G

2 Pieces Apple-Apricot-Oat Puree - 170 G

Meet with our package that puts an end to the problem of what to feed my baby while traveling with your baby in the supplementary food period!

Our hungry-to-eat jars of food will be a great help for parents who have babies during the supplementary food period!

In the hotel room, by the beach, you can safely feed your baby our vegetable puree if the meal time has come, our fruit puree if the fruit meal has arrived, and our plain or fruit pudding if the pudding meal has arrived.

You can serve it to your baby directly or by heating it in a bain-marie.

It is 100% additive free.

Made from natural ingredients.

Natural preservation by sterilization method; It is the process of purification from all microorganisms. After the product is processed, it is kept under high pressure and high temperature for a certain period of time, and the living microorganisms in it are killed. Thus, it gains shelf life without the use of preservatives and additives and is preserved as long as the lid is not opened.

Note: After opening the product, it should be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within 2-3 days.

Hungry-Feed-Travelling package
483.92 TL
509.39 TL
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