Milk Allergy Pack

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Dairy Allergy Supplementary Food Package

Babies who are fed only breast milk or formula for milk allergy during the first 6 months will have a different roadmap compared to other babies when they switch to supplementary food as of the 6th month. Mothers whose babies have allergies can make and implement a dairy-free nutrition program that will not contain cross-allergens, in consultation with the doctor.

For example, if the nutritious baby tarhana, which is the favorite of the mothers in the supplementary food period, is made in a classical style, it may be inconvenient for milk allergic babies. Instead, you can turn to tarhana soups made using vegetables such as spinach and beetroot.

A baby biscuit made from natural materials is one of the things that mothers most need during the supplementary food period. However, milk allergic baby biscuits should be preferred for babies with allergies. It may be a problem to increase the variety during the milk allergy supplementary food period, but it is possible to increase this variety and feed your baby with your heart, with Chef Mom's wide range of products special for milk allergic babies.

We have brought together healthy, natural sugar-free and additive-free products for the supplementary food period for our milk-allergic babies.

Dairy allergic package content:
1 Milk Allergic Baby Biscuit (6+AY 250g)
1 Piece Baby Semolina (6+AY 250g)
1 Piece Grape Molasses (6+AY 325ml)
1 Piece Whole Wheat Flour (6+AY 500g)
1 Piece Whole Oat Flour (6+AY 500g)
1 Piece Whole Einkorn Flour (6+AY 225g)
1 Piece Milk Allergic Beet Tarhana (6+AY 300g)
1 Piece Milk Allergic Tarhana with Carrot (6+AY 300g)
1 Piece Milk Allergic Vermicelli (8+AY 250g)
1 Piece Dairy Allergic Spinach Pasta (Elbow) (8+AY 250g)
1 Piece Dairy Allergic Plain Pasta (Elbow) (8+AY 250g)

Milk Allergy Pack
966.94 TL
1,017.83 TL
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