Don't Boil Eggs Until Purple

Don't Boil Eggs Until Purple

The egg white must be well cooked. Undercooked egg whites are not microbiologically healthy. Most of us know this well. For this reason, the logic of no harm can come into play, even if the eggs are not undercooked or overcooked.

Eggs should not be cooked at very high temperatures, as they have a high protein content. Especially for eggs cooked in oil, the stove should always be on low heat. Eggs should be cooked slowly and over a long period of time. In boiled eggs, care must be taken in the boiling time of the egg. Eggs that are boiled for more than 12-15 minutes will develop a purple ring between the yellow and white, which looks both unpleasant and smells very bad. It doesn't taste good either. The purple-ringed eggs I mentioned should definitely not be consumed. This is a sign that the egg's iron has combined with the sulfur, and this compound is toxic.

Therefore, my recommendation is not to eat the bruised eggs.

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