Chef's Way of Cooking Fish

Chef's Way of Cooking Fish

1-) First, I choose my small saucepan as STEEL and take a small onion and slice it into rings. I add some water and cook for 5 minutes.

2-) Then I wash my fish well, throw it directly on the onions in the pot, cook it on low heat with the lid closed. If I take it out of the freezer, I throw my fish directly into the pot without thawing it. (I sort the fish before putting it in the freezer, wash and dry it, then put it in the freezer)

3-) I turn the fish for its uncooked side. .

4-) I add olive oil or butter or both by mixing it close to cooking. It's going great.

I tried this method on salmon. You can make the same recipe with bonito, anchovy or other fish suitable for your baby. Oh, watch out for the bones...

We do not feed the fried, overcooked, dried, grilled, black-burned fish to the lambs. This boiled/steamed method is super. There is no need to open the big oven for tiny fish.

Note: If olive oil is used instead of butter in this recipe, milk becomes an allergic recipe.

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