Cheddar Omelet That Makes Kids Love Eggs (+12 Months)

Cheddar Omelet That Makes Kids Love Eggs (+12 Months)


  • 1 whole egg (Make sure the white is not allergic.)
  • Grated cheddar cheese, as much as the size of the egg (It goes well with baby curd you make at home, too.)
  • salt if you started
  • 1 teaspoon butter for the pan


  • Whisk the egg and cheddar in a bowl, no need for high speed whisking, just mix the ingredients together.
  • If you want to add salt, add it to the mixture.
  • After melting and heating the butter in a small and preferably non-stick pan, put the mixture in the pan, turn the other side carefully when the side is cooked, so that it does not cook too much.
  • It is very delicious, if you wish, you can work directly for the whole family.

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