Carrot Hash (8+ Months)

Carrot Hash (8+ Months)

It was my attempts to feed Barlas carrots. It is very important that we make the foods that our babies need to eat a little more cute and make them look attractive.



  • 1 carrot is grated on the thinnest part of the grater.

  • Cooked with 1 glass of water.

  • Yogurt, flour, wheat germ and egg yolk are taken into a bowl and mixed quickly.

  • After obtaining a homogeneous mixture, carrots are added and mixed.

  • Put the butter in a pan (it doesn't need to be a small pan, the dough mixture does not spread) and melt it.

  • Take 1 tablespoon of the mixture and leave it in the pan.

  • The process continues until the pan is full.

  • When it is cooked, carefully turn the other side with a thin spatula for the other side.

  • When it is warm, it is fed to babies with pleasure.

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