Carob Custard Recipe (8+ Months)

Carob Custard Recipe (8+ Months)

I can't explain how good it tasted. Make sure to try this recipe, let me tell you :) Babies who don't open their mouths to anything and our older children who want to keep them away from chocolate should especially try it. I love the taste, adults can eat it too.

Also, all the ingredients are in our products :) Our carob flour and carob extract have such a special flavor... I searched a lot because it was worth it, I say that every time I eat it.

Note : If you use Cook Mother  Milk Allergic Baby Biscuit instead of Chef Mom Baby Biscuit  , the recipe will be milk allergic.


Preparation of

  • Einkorn flour and carob flour are put in a small pot with 1 tea glass of water, mixed and cooked. The coffee pot is also ok, but it overflows right away. When it starts to boil, it is cooked for 3-4 more minutes by stirring.
  • When the pudding is cooked, it is taken to the plate. When the pudding is warm, it is served by sprinkling carob extract, crushed Aşçı Anne baby biscuits, grated or pounded walnuts.

NOTE:  Is there an ingredient in this recipe that you don't follow the 3-day rule for? To rule out the risk of allergy, please try all the content beforehand with the rule of 3 days.

NOTE 2 : 1 teaspoon of butter can be added to babies experiencing constipation.

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