Buttered Whole Wheat Flour Pastry (12+ Months)

Buttered Whole Wheat Flour Pastry (12+ Months)


  • half a glass of milk

  •  1 packet of fresh yeast

  •  1-2 teaspoons of apple juice concentrate (You can not substitute sugar, as it facilitates the fermentation process.)

  •  3.5 cups whole wheat flour

  •  1.5 teaspoons of salt

  •  1 cup of butter

  • 4 small or 3 large eggs

To ride on it; 1 egg beaten with 1 tablespoon of milk

To put it in; You can fill it with any material you like, such as olives, dill, curd.


  • Mix half the milk with the fresh yeast and honey/apple juice concentrate until the yeast is well dissolved.

  • Put the flour and salt in a whisk and mix. Add the butter, eggs, yeast-milk mixture and the rest of the milk and knead until a runny dough.

  • Take the dough on the floured counter, flour your hands as it sticks to the dough and continue kneading by flouring your hands little by little until the dough does not stick to your hands too much.

  • Finally, roll out the dough and cover it with a damp kitchen cloth and let it rest for 15 minutes.

  • After 15 minutes, your dough will have risen, take small pieces of dough from the dough and press it with your hands on the counter and turn it on the one hand to obtain round dough.

  • Place greaseproof paper on your trays.

  • Open the dough with your palm and put the ingredients in the middle and close the edges. My dough pieces are a bit big, as you can see.

  • Arrange the dough on the baking tray. Take them out of the oven when they are browned at 190-200 degrees. I can't give a minute, the performance of each oven is very different. I say follow the oven well, do not overcook.

  • If the buns are overcooked or not as soft as you would like, cover your freshly baked bun with a damp, wrung, damp kitchen cloth. The buns will be soft.

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