Bulgur Soup with Yellow Pepper (8+ Months)

Bulgur Soup with Yellow Pepper (8+ Months)

Since Yellow Pepper is the type of pepper with the highest vitamin C and fiber content, I try to use it very often in meals. It adds flavor to every dish it goes into.

Keep in mind:

Most of the onion skin is made of cellulose and it is difficult to digest. For this reason, it may cause pain in the stomach of our little gourmet. For gassy babies, I recommend peeling the onions before cutting them. At least until you are fully accustomed to additional foods…

Using a blender is never wrong. I think that our babies deserve to drink soup with smooth comfort. It's wrong to just blend food and everything. In addition to smooth soups, lumpy food should also be taken. This is very important for language development and getting used to normal food.

Note : If olive oil is used instead of butter in this recipe, milk becomes an allergic recipe.



  • Onions are diced and sautéed with water.

  • Then, diced zucchini, yellow pepper, bulgur and rice are added.

  • The ingredients are cooked by adding enough water to pass 2 fingers.

  • After cooking, butter is added and passed through a blender.

  • With the addition of mint and wheat germ, it is fed to the baby with pleasure.

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