Barlas Quits Breast

Barlas Quits Breast

This is the first day I weaned Barlas in the photo you see. He was 21 months old. It hasn't been 24 hours yet. We were just hugging. It was very difficult for me and for him. It's a break because how can it be easy...

It is necessary to stay as far away as possible from the realization that this break is a process that should happen.

My reasoning was that she did not eat anything, she constantly fed herself with breasts, she wanted breasts again when she was not satisfied with breasts, this vicious circle in the breasts and her weakening. Otherwise, my heart was going to be 2 years old, that's it.

One day, the day I was used as a pacifier throughout the day and the prepared complementary foods were thrown away, I said, "Okay, Çiğdem, you are ready now, that day is today!". I breastfed my son for the last time, which is still in front of my eyes. I finished. I did not give it again. Aaaah motherhood ah...

If I could, I would cut off their nighttime sucking and feed them several times during the day. I was going to continue until the age of 2 and gradually decrease it. I even recommend this to you, to those who can. But believe me, I failed...

Therefore, the cutting method in one session was suitable for me. I was determined, I did my last breastfeed, kissed, smelled and finished. I skipped the first boob job. I lingered on the second breast functioning. But at the third request, I concretized the subject by saying, "Now the milk is out of the udder, my son, cows produce extra milk for us, we will drink from them" without coming to the point of crying. If your baby, whom you want to wean from the breast, can talk, you can express with a concrete example like this that the sucking process is a process that must end. (Let's put aside the discussion of whether cow's milk should be drunk, if you ask me, we consume milk.) Meanwhile, watching videos of milking cows was a balm for our crying crises.

If your weaned baby can talk, things get harder and easier at the same time. "Mommy, memeee??????" It's not easy to resist a pair of beaded eyes. But at the same time, you can chat and explain the logic that now the mother has run out of milk, that breastfeeding is a baby-specific process, and that this process cannot last forever, which is what I did.

We also had crying crises where I couldn't be an ointment. Like the third day. For a moment I thought it would be better if I just got away from him. I entrusted it to my mother and went, I thought maybe it would be easier if she didn't see me. She cried so much ... I came right back. Some babies may leave their mothers more easily, but that didn't apply to us. When I came back, Barlas told me, "Mom, don't go," but his eyes seemed to say more. Because she had lost the breast, and was she going to lose her mother... Okay, we get it, the breast is gone, at least her eyes were saying don't go... We hugged right away... On the one hand, the breast pain that was pumping milk, on the other hand, the deep sadness of thinking that I could not breastfeed again. ..

It's really not easy. That's why the mother must be fully prepared for the process! Whatever your reason for cutting the breast is, you should believe it and make sure that you make the right decision at the right time. Otherwise, you will experience comebacks, unsuccessful udder release processes.

Barlas asked for forty days. "Mother breast?!" "Mom, breast!?!?!??" Boy, when we talked, we gave a short answer, "The mother had run out of milk," and we started playing her favorite games together. I both made my statement, tried to distract him with the games he liked, and did not leave his side for a moment. Let her cry a little, I hugged, hugged, hugged. We became a balm by hugging each other. It was so nice to see your baby grow and flourish with the milk your body produces, to witness a miracle, that first sucking with the taste of a festival that started at birth... A process that started so well should have ended just as well... I didn't intend to disgust or cool my baby by driving things. Those methods did not lie in my mind, nor in my heart, nor in my conscience.

The better it started, the better I wanted it to end.
My dear son, my first eye pain is my Barlas. Let me go and give a big hug, once again...

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