Baby Rice (6+ Months)

Baby Rice (6+ Months)

A super recipe for anorexia babies. Rice is one of those rare foods that really tastes like babies. With this in mind, "Why not rice pilaf for babies?" I thought, and a recipe called pilaf came up with the consistency of spoon food.

I am aware that I use butter in every meal, but it adds great flavor and the benefits do not end with counting. Butter is an important factor in the nutrition of your baby with its vitamin A and Omega-3 content. Moreover, it also plays a role in helping babies pass a healthy developmental stage. The advice of experts and experienced mothers is that a baby who has reached the age of walking should consume 1 teaspoon of butter a day.

Note : If olive oil is used instead of butter in this recipe, milk becomes an allergic recipe.



  • After the rice is washed well, it is boiled in a small pot with 1 glass of water.

  • When the rice is cooked, butter is added, it is passed through a blender until it reaches a consistency that the baby can eat, and the baby is fed with pleasure.

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