About Spinach

About Spinach

This article will answer this question frequently asked by mothers; Does eating spinach with yogurt or milk reduce iron absorption in spinach?

♦ Half a kilo of raw spinach contains 13.5 mg of iron. The daily iron requirement of a 6-month-old baby is about 10 mg. In other words, if we try to meet the baby's iron needs with spinach, we should feed the baby half a kilo of spinach every day, which is out of the question . Also, the absorption of this iron in spinach is very low. Because spinach also contains plenty of a compound we call oxalate. And this oxalate inhibits the absorption of iron. Spinach is therefore not rich as a usable source of iron.

♦ Another myth from the myth that spinach is a rich source of iron is that spinach should not be eaten with yogurt. There are many people who do not eat spinach with yogurt just for this reason. It is not yogurt or milk that prevents the absorption of iron in spinach . Calcium and oxalate already present in spinach reduce iron absorption. However, inhibition does not mean that it is not absorbed at all. Some iron and some calcium are still absorbed.

♦ Spinach is a rich source of calcium. If the oxalate in itself reduces the absorption of calcium, we can also increase the calcium intake by eating spinach with yogurt.
Don't be confused by these sentences. As we increase our food variety, we get enough of every nutrient we need as long as we eat enough and balanced. This is the secret of the richness of nature…

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