10 Ways to Calm a Restless Baby

10 Ways to Calm a Restless Baby

Babies may be restless, crying or whining all the time, from day one until they are older, sometimes for several years. It is not difficult to guess that the moments when mothers feel most helpless are when they have a hard time calming the restless baby. Babies who are forties are now a little more adapted to the outside world, but they can still feel uneasy because they are confused. Of course, you know that this period will pass. One more thing you need to know: Ways to calm a restless baby are easier than you think. While your baby is crying and fussy, you should first be calm and focus on the solution. Remember that your baby needs your eye contact, voice, gestures and warmth. restless baby syndromeIt is defined as intense crying attacks in infants. Mothers need to know the causes of these crying spells and to manage the crisis with appropriate methods. Of course, you should first know the reasons why your baby is restless.

Why Do Babies Get Restless?

The reasons why babies are restless are as follows;

- hunger

- Gas pain

- insomnia

- Cat & heat

- Reflux

- How much

- teething

- Mother's diet (milk quality)

- Need for attention

- Inefficient breastfeeding, low milk supply

- Tiredness

- Contamination of gold

- Extreme hot & cold weather

- Physical pains


Within the scope of restless baby syndrome , more than one reason may manifest itself and may make your baby cry. For example, "Why is a 3-month-old baby restless?" The answer to the question may be reflux. In this period, reflux can be seen as the stomach development in babies continues. "Why is a 6-month-old baby restless?" Teething may be the answer. As babies get older, you will encounter different causes of uneasiness in each period. Here are ways to calm the restless baby in these stages will be very useful. So let's learn to calm crying babies together. Here are the suggestions;

1- You can breastfeed

One of the clearest answers to the question of why babies feel restless may be hunger and craving for breasts. Babies can be restless when they are hungry or want to feel their mother's warmth. You can breastfeed when your baby cries, and you can make her feel peaceful by talking to her in a calm, low tone while breastfeeding. 

2- You Can Take Off the Gas

You should know the basic answers to the question of how to calm a restless baby. One of these answers is undoubtedly the gas problem. Since the digestive system of babies is not yet developed enough to expel their own gas, you should not neglect to remove the gas. Sometimes, even if he doesn't have gas, a gas relief massage can help him calm down.

3- You Can Change Gold

We can say that diaper rash and rash are two big problems that babies do not like. When your baby gets dirty, change it immediately, don't keep it waiting. Use a diaper cream with clean ingredients against diaper rash. Since the rash develops due to sweating in hot weather, you may be sensitive about this issue, and if you live in a hot climate, you can take a warm shower for your baby to relax.

4- You Can Turn On White Noise

Among the colic baby calming methods, white noise is the most effective way. Since white noises such as the sound of a hair dryer and vacuum cleaner are similar to the sound a baby hears in the womb, babies feel safe and relaxed when they hear this sound.

5- You can take a bath

If your baby is clean, has no gas, has a full stomach, does not have insomnia, and nothing you do is working, take advantage of the calming effect of water. Warm water calms babies, makes them happy, and makes it easier to fall asleep. Bathing may be the most useful method for babies when restlessness and insomnia occur.

6- You Can Massage

The benefits of having a baby massage can come in handy during the restless baby syndrome process. Babies cannot remain indifferent to gentle massage with soft hands, they feel relaxed. Massage also makes it easier to fall asleep.

7- You can take it out and walk around

Remember that babies love to be outdoors or in the car. Some babies never stop in the car, while others calm down as they get into the car. You can try to calm your baby by walking outside.

8- You Can Support Her Teeth Scratching

Teething can be seen in babies from the 4th month. Since the front teeth come out first, this area is constantly itchy and drooling occurs. Make sure to get teethers that your baby can hold and grasp. On the other hand, you can wash your hands and support the feeling of scratching by massaging your baby's palate with your finger.

9- You can take it in your arms

How to silence a crying baby? Sometimes just by holding it in your arms. Your baby needs a hug, to feel your warmth, to feel safe. Until the age of 6 months, all babies seek the warmth and peace of their arms.

10- You Can Talk to Your Baby

Do not cut off communication with your baby while looking for solutions for ways to calm the restless baby. Talk to him often, say nice things in your soft tone of voice.

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