Pumpkin Dessert (9+ Months)

Pumpkin Dessert (9+ Months)

A baby-friendly fruit with both its taste and countless healing benefits. Organic from my garden. Pumpkin; It is very rich in iron, potassium, protein, sodium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. It contributes to healthy bone development in children. It also prevents anemia due to its iron content. Pumpkin is suitable to be one of the baby's first foods. It is beneficial for the eyes as it contains vitamin A and beta carotene. Rich in fiber, gut-friendly...



  • Pumpkin is cut into small cubes and boiled with water.
  • Cooked pumpkin is mashed with a fork on a flat plate, butter is added at this time, and boiled water can be added according to the consistency that the baby can eat. I did not add any water.
  • Lastly, crushed walnuts, crushed Cook Anne baby biscuits and cinnamon are added on top. It is enjoyed by little gourmets.

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