Plain Marrow Oil

Product Code : AA0151
210.00 TL
Aşçı Anne Sertifikaları


Marrow oil contains high fiber and collagen.

In addition to using it in all meals where you use oil, you can use it as a cosmetic for your scalp.

Marrow oil applied by massaging your scalp;

* Accelerates blood circulation

* Relieves cell regeneration and dryness of the scalp

*Provides protein and fiber support

* With the vitamins and minerals it contains, it contributes to the rapid growth of the hair.

Storage Methods

-Refrigerator bags

-Breast milk storage bags

-Ice molds

You can keep the product in the deep freezer by dividing it into parts so that you can consume it at once.

The product removed from the freezer should be consumed in one go, the thawed product should not be reused.
Plain Marrow Oil
210.00 TL
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