Unsalted Capia Pepper Paste (6+ months)

Our own production, salt-free and tomato-free tomato paste that allows the use of tomato paste in the meals and soups of babies aged 6 months and above.

Ingredients: 100% capia pepper

- Does not contain gluten.

- Does not contain salt and tomatoes.

It is packaged in the same environment WITHOUT CONTACT with other products containing gluten.

You can add 1 teaspoon to our babies' meals and soups and make their meals more delicious. You can also use it safely in your own meals.

After opening, keep it in the refrigerator with the addition of olive oil so that it completely covers it (in this way, the contact of the tomato paste with the air will be cut off).

Note: The product shelf life is 2 years.

Net Weight: 420 g

Energy (kcal/kJ)  185 kcal
Fat (g)  2,5 g
Carbs (g)  32 g
Fiber (g)  18 g
Protein (g)  6,5 g
Sugar (g)  26  g
Salt (g)**  0,01 g
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