Bulgur Pilaf with Leek (10+ Months)

Bulgur Pilaf with Leek (10+ Months)

It is suitable for 8 months later in terms of material, but I think that it will be accepted by babies in the 10th month due to its texture. I reviewed bulgur pilaf, one of our favorite classic tastes, for little gourmets who stay away from leeks.



  • The leek is quartered vertically and finely chopped. When the freshness of the leeks is gone, you can add garlic. You can add hot water as the water runs out during sautéing.

  • Then add the tomato paste and oil.

  • Finally, thoroughly washed bulgur is cooked over medium heat with the addition of hot water and salt (depending on the baby's month).

  • When the pilaf is eye to eye, turn down the bottom and close the lid.

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