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Baby Tarhana with Beetroot

84.25 TL
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  • Baby Tarhana with Natural Beet (6+ Months) - 250 G

    We offer tarhana, the world's first ready-made soup, suitable for babies with milk allergies. We do not produce it once a season and sell that tarhana all year. Our tarhana is produced on a weekly basis. An alternative to beetroot, whole grain, milk allergy babies, as well as delicious and nutritious... Little milk-allergic gourmets with a cross allergy to beef bone marrow can safely consume this tarhana, which does not contain any animal products.

    Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, wheat flour, beet juice (38.2%)

    Allergen Warning: Contains gluten.

    **Does not include animal products, milk and products, eggs.**

    Suitable for milk allergic babies.

    It is completely homemade and produced with baby-friendly content. Dried in the most healthy drying conditions. Sugar, starch, additives, preservatives, leavening agents, coloring etc. Does not contain chemicals.

    ***Sour tarhana yeast is not used. ***

    It is produced according to the baby's taste.

    Production date and expiry date are written on the package, respectively.
    Note: Due to the disruptions in the supply of Tarhana packaging, it is possible to ship in a glass jar (1st image) or in a packaging suitable for food contact (2nd image).

    Cooking Suggestion: Take 1 tablespoon of tarhana in a small pot. Add 1 glass of water (you can reduce or increase the amount of water according to the consistency you want) and mix the tarhana and cook it on medium heat.

    **There may be color change in the product due to beetroot**

    The product should not be taken with a damp spoon.

    Note: The product shelf life is 1 year.

    Net: 250 g
    Energy (kcal/kJ) 248/956
    Fat (g) 0,8
    Saturated fat (g) 0,1
    Carbs (g) 51,3
    Sugar (g) 1,6
    Fiber (g) 3,1
    Protein (g) 7,1
    Salt (g)** 0,05

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