Plum Puree 6+Months (170 G)

Ingredients: Plum 95.7%, apple juice concentrate, water.

Since plums are sour by nature, they are flavored with apple juice concentrate.

Plum is an effective food in regulating the digestive system. It can help soften the intestines of babies who have just switched to solid food, whose digestive system is sensitive and who have constipation problems. You can support your baby to soften his intestines by drinking warm water accompanied by plum puree.

It is a savior that should be at hand on a trip, on vacation, in a tight time. It comes to you ready to eat. You can serve it to your baby directly, as a drink with meals or by heating it in a bain-marie.

Made from natural ingredients.

Natural preservation by sterilization method; It is the process of purification from all microorganisms. After the product is processed, it is kept under high pressure and high temperature for a certain period of time, and the living microorganisms in it are killed. Thus, it gains shelf life without the use of preservatives and additives and is preserved as long as the lid is not opened.

Note: After opening the product, it should be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within 2-3 days.

Net: 170 g

* Contains natural sugar, no added sugar.
**Does not contain added salt. It contains natural sodium in its foods.

Energy (kcal/kJ)  80,5 / 337,2
Fat (g)  0,5
Saturated fat (g)  0,01
Carbs (g)  19,4
Sugar (g)  12
Fiber (g)  1,3
Protein (g)  0,9
Salt (g)**  0,007
Plum Puree
86.35 TL
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