Mamalac 5 Grain Goat Milk Date Spoon Mama

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For our little gourmets, our additive-free, sugar-free, goat's milk, date, practical and nutritious spoon food that does not require cooking is with you under the name of Mamalac, a Cook Mom brand!

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, rice flour, corn flour, skimmed goat's milk powder, palm juice concentrate, oat flour, rye flour, olive oil, vitamin and mineral mixture.

Contains gluten and lactose.

It is prepared with water.

Why Goat Milk?

Being the first to produce goat milk supplementary food in Turkey, Chef Anne set out by considering the fact that goat milk is a very rich source of nutrients in terms of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Goat milk has more chemical and physical similarities to breast milk in infant nutrition compared to other milk types. Goat's milk contains 10% less lactose than cow's milk. The most important difference between cow's milk and its protein and fat structure.


The protein content of goat's milk is 3.6 grams, which is higher than cow's milk. The largest group of proteins in milk is casein, making up about 80 percent of the total protein content. Casein is also divided into groups within itself. Examples of these are alpha-s1, alpha-s2, A2 beta-casein, A1 beta-casein. Instead of A1 casein, which has an inflammatory effect, goat milk contains A2 casein, which does not have this effect. When A1 casein-containing milk is consumed, it causes bloating, gas and discomfort, while when A2 type milk, ie goat milk, is consumed, besides many health benefits, it also provides convenience for the digestion of people with milk intolerance. Casein particles, the main protein of goat's milk, are small in size and very soft in structure. Of the casein proteins, alpha-s1 allergenic protein is much less in goat milk. Therefore, it causes less inflammation, the risk of allergies is lower. Babies and children who have difficulty in digestion due to the structure of casein can easily digest goat milk.


Cow's milk contains high levels of chain fatty acids such as 15-20%, while goat milk has 30-35% chain fatty acids and therefore has a more intense taste and texture. In addition, goat milk is naturally homogenized. Because the fat globule diameter is 1 micron in goat's milk and 17-18 micron in cow's milk and it makes a softer clot in human stomach. For this reason, it is more suitable for babies, children and people with sensitive stomachs and can be digested more easily. Although goat milk has a higher value in terms of lipid content, it has a lower cholesterol ratio than other types of milk.

MAMALAC 5 GRAIN-BASED GRAIN-BASED SUPPLEMENT WITH GOAT MILK AND DATE is nutritious for your baby with its vitamin and mineral content.
It does not contain additives and preservatives.
Does not contain added sugar.
Age Range: +6 Months
Vitamin ve mineraller 100g 50 g BRD
% 50 g için
Vitamin A(mg) 0,78 0,39 97,5
Vitamin D3(µg) 15,0 7,5  107
Vitamin E(mg) 8,5 4,25 85
Vitamin C(mg) 49,0 24,5 54,4
Tiamine (Vitamin B1)(mg) 2,0 1,0 200
Nicotinamid (Vitamin B3)(mg) 17,5 8,75 125
Pantetonic Acid (Vitamin B5)(mg) 4,0 2,0 66,6
Vitamin B6(mg) 1,25 0,625 89,2
Folic Acid(Vitamin )(µg) 145 72,5 58
Vitamin B12(µg) 1,15 0,575 71,8
Biotin(µg) 20,0 10,0 100
Vitamin K1(µg) 13,0 6,5 -
Demir(mg) 12,3 6,15 76,8
Kalsiyum(mg) 630 315 57,2
Çinko(mg) 9,5 4,75 95
Bakır(mg) 0,2 0,1 20
İyot(mg) 0,08 0,04 50
Mangan(mg) 2,5 1,25 104
100 g Mamalac tahıl bazlı ek gıda 50 g
(1 porsiyon)

1561 kJ

373 kcal

780 kJ

186,5 kcal


-Doymuş Yağ

3,6 g

0,6 g

1,8 g

0,3 g



75,1 g

14,8 g

37,6 g

7,4 g

Lif 6,9 g 3,5 g
Protein 12,4 g 6,2 g
Tuz <0,1 g <0,1 g

Mamalac 5 Grain Goat Milk Date Spoon Mama
120.00 TL
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