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  • Carob Extract (8+ MONTH) - 325 G

    • Does not contain preservative additives.
    • Does not contain added sugar.
    • Does not contain colorants.
    • Does not contain thickener.

    Ingredients: 100% Carob (Carob) fruit

    Benefits of Carob:

    • It is appetizing.
    • It supports immunity.
    • It is supportive in curing anemia.
    • Carob is very effective against shortness of breath. Carob strengthens the immune system with its anti-allergic and antibacterial gallic acid content, and provides relief in allergic asthma.
    • Vitamin B6; It is rich in phosphorus, iron, potassium and calcium minerals.

    *** Gluten free ***

    It is packaged in the same environment WITHOUT CONTACT with other products containing gluten.

    Use of Carob Extract in Babies

    Usage Information: You can use it in any way on the tables, WITHOUT COOKING.
    • You can use it by diluting it as fruit juice.
    • You can add it to pancakes and pancakes for breakfast, pudding for babies when it's warm.
    • You can mix it with tahini.
    • Drink 2 teaspoons 1-2 times a day.
    • To sweeten your baby's tea, you can add it after it is WARM.

    Storage method: Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight. It solidifies in the refrigerator.

    Shelf life is 2 years from the date of manufacture in a cool and non-humid place.

    Net Weight: 325 g

    * Contains natural sugar, no added sugar.
    **Does not contain added salt. It contains natural sodium in its foods.
    Energy (kcal/kJ) 294/1202
    Fat (g) 0
    Saturated fat (g) 0
    Carbs (g) 71
    Sugar (g) 60
    Fiber (g) 0,5
    Protein (g) 1,8
    Salt (g)** 0,08
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